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Why you need an innovation framework

Why you need an innovation framework

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An IBM study found that most organizations implement innovation without an innovation framework. Also known as a strategic innovation framework, not having an innovation framework negatively impacts innovation culture, the success of innovation teams and innovation outcomes.

Why you need an innovation framework

A funny thing happens when organizations say they want a more innovative culture.

Most implement innovation without an innovation framework. And most teams form focused on what they will do, not on how they'll do it together.

And in doing so, they overlook a crucial aspect of innovation.


Innovation is a team sport.

Innovation happens when people come together with a clear purpose and the know-how to solve complex problems together.

Without clarity on how they'll work together, teams get stuck, frustrating their leaders, and producing less than exciting results.

Which is why you need an innovation framework.

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What is an innovation framework?

An innovation framework:

  • Gives you a means to define who's innovating, how you'll work together, and how you'll approach and evaluate decisions that could lead to change within the organization
  • Targets innovation and defines desired outcomes
  • Allows you to harness the talents of your employees and guides alignment to your corporate strategy.

When I found myself researching how to build more innovative cultures, I found that a common complaint in organizations wanting to be "more innovative" was that:

  • They needed a process for innovation
  • Employees wanted to be empowered to do more
  • And they needed strategies for managing people and collaboration.

And what I realized was, that in essence, an innovation framework is concerned with people, process, product and work context.

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Process? What process?

Through ten years of research, I found that creative problem solving was a highly effective process for innovation, not only for its ease of use and adoption but also because it unlocked a structure for managing people and collaboration. With its rules, guidelines for creative thinking, and clarity around roles and responsibilities, the process also solves the problem that derails so many innovation teams - how to work together.

Fix collaboration and innovation follows

I've worked with over 500 teams, and I've found that innovation follows, with more significant impact, across silos, across functions and the organization when you fix collaboration.

Teams need a structure for collaboration. When you make an effort to understand how you'll collaborate to solve problems and make the decisions that come with innovation, it's empowering and productive. And way less frustrating.

Is your company's desire for an innovative culture causing you more heartbreaks than breakthroughs?

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The problem isn't innovation. The real problem is that you need an innovation framework that gives you a structure for collaboration.

Our ThinkUP Innovation Framework program transforms how your team collaborates and innovates so that you can achieve maximum buy-in and incredible results together. 

Our Collaboration to Produce Results online program helps you become a leader who facilitates rich and productive collaboration that yields innovative problem-solving and stellar business results...even if you’re 100% remote.

About BridgePoint Effect

BridgePoint Effect is a boutique consulting firm with a bold vision to transform the way leaders and their teams collaborate, innovate, and deliver outstanding results.

We help frustrated leaders who know their teams can achieve more. 

We offer a framework, practical toolkit and high calibre coaching that gives you the structure, skills and support needed to build an effective team.

Let's get your team achieving more than you ever thought possible.


DeCusatis, C. (2008). Creating, growing and sustaining efficient innovation teams. Creativity and Innovation Management, Volume 17, Number 2



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